groESL identities among clinical isolates, using ATCC strains as references

Species (no. of isolates)groESSpacerPartial groEL genes (nt 1 to 816)
No. of different nucleotides% IdentityNo. of different nucleotidesLength (bp)No. of different nucleotides% Identity
A. defectiva (3)10-1594.4-96.30-135-3615-2996.5-98.2
Gr. adiacens (4)a8-1494.8-97.03-51433-4994.0-96.0
Gr. elegans (1)697.80192896.6
Ge. morbillorum (2)0-498.6-100082-1499.5-99.7
Ge. sanguinis (4)0-697.8-100084-3296.1-99.5
Ge. haemolysans (5)2-2989.5-99.3NAb8, 45, or 504-10687.0-99.5
  • a Including one Gr. para-adiacens clinical isolate, NTUH_9631.

  • b Not analyzed.