Partial groEL (nt 1 to 816) nucleotide and amino acid sequence similarities

Strain no.Strain% groEL sequence similaritya with strain:
1A. defectiva ATCC 4917670.771.163.863.764.0
2Gr. adiacens ATCC 4917591.284.367.569.370.0
3Gr. elegans ATCC 70063390.898.973.672.073.8
4Ge. haemolysans ATCC 1037985.387.187.581.784.3
5Ge. morbillorum ATCC 2782484.687.587.998.581.5
6Ge. sanguinis ATCC 70063284.688.689.098.998.9
  • a Data in the upper right portion of the table body indicate nucleotide sequence similarities, and data in the lower left portion indicate amino acid sequence similarities.