groES nucleotide and amino acid sequence similarities

Strain no.StrainLength of groES (bp)% groES sequence similaritya with strain:
1A. defectiva ATCC 4917626756.763.445.741.744.7
2Gr. adiacens ATCC 4917527068.579.355.054.650.9
3Gr. elegans ATCC 70063327068.593.360.252.756.8
4Ge. haemolysans ATCC 1037927653.558.560.680.885.9
5Ge. morbillorum ATCC 2782427655.759.660.693.480.1
6Ge. sanguinis ATCC 70063227656.257.460.695.692.3
  • a Data in the upper right portion of the table body indicate nucleotide sequence similarities, and data in the lower left portion indicate amino acid sequence similarities.