Characteristics of febrile episodes with invasive fungal infections (IFI) and/or positive LightCycler SeptiFast test (SF) results for fungia

IFI (EORTC-MSG criteria)SF resultPersistent fever (>3 days)Gastrointestinal tract mucositis and Candida colonizationSerological marker (GM, Mn, anti-Mn)bCT finding consistent with IFIOngoing antifungal therapyc
Probable aspergillosis-+Pos GMn in BALd+ (lungs)+
Probable aspergillosis-+Pos GMn in BALd+ (lungs)+
Possible aspergillosisA. fumigatusNeg+ (lungs)+
Possible candidiasisC. albicans/C. parapsilosis++Pos anti-Mnd+ (liver, spleen)
Possible candidiasisC. albicans++Pos anti-Mnd+ (liver, lungs)+ (empirical)
Possible candidiasisC. tropicalis++Neg+ (spleen)+ (empirical)
Possible IFIC. albicans+Neg+ (lungs)+ (empirical)
NoneA. fumigatus+Nege
NoneC. albicans+Neg
NoneC. tropicalis++Neg+ (prophylactic)
NoneC. tropicalisNege
  • a +, condition present; −, condition absent.

  • b GMn, galactomannan; Mn, mannan; anti-Mn, anti-mannan antibodies; BAL, bronchoalveolar lavage fluid; Pos, positive; Neg, negative.

  • c Values represent those seen at the time of a positive SF result or of an IFI diagnosis (EORTC-MSG criteria) when the SF result was negative.

  • d Positive galactomannan, index ≥ 0.5; positive anti-mannan, ≥10 arbitrary units/ml.

  • e Computed tomography (CT) not done.