Species distribution of 153 Nocardia isolates subjected to analysis by MALDI-TOF MS

SpeciesReference strain(s) in own database (n = 19)aNo. of clinical isolates
In own database (n = 91)Tested for identification (n = 43)
Nocardia abscessusDSM44432Tb54
Nocardia africanaDSM44491b
Nocardia asiaticaDSM446681
Nocardia asteroidesDSM43258, NCTC11293T
Nocardia beijingensis1
Nocardia brasiliensisNCTC11294T63
Nocardia carneaDSM46071, DSM44558, DSM43397T21
Nocardia cyriacigeorgicaDSM44484Tb115
Nocardia elegans1
Nocardia farcinicaDSM43665Tb4012
Nocardia niigatensisDSM44670b1
Nocardia novaDSM43207T2115
Nocardia otitidiscaviarumNCTC1934T
Nocardia paucivoransDSM44386Tb2
Nocardia pseudobrasiliensisDSM44290
Nocardia purisDSM44599T
Nocardia shimofusensis1
Nocardia transvalensisDSM43405Tb
Nocardia veteranaDSM44445T11
  • a A superscript capital T indicates the type strain.

  • b Nocardia reference strain also included in the original software of the MALDI BioTyper database (Bruker Daltonik GmbH).