Results of the technical validation of the real-time mPCR on clinical stool specimensa

Target or resultReal-time mPCR result Conventional diagnostic result No. of specimens
1st target2nd target1st target2nd target
Single infection
    S. enterica PosPos79
    C. jejuni PosPos139
    G. lamblia PosPos17
    Shigella spp./EIECPosPos19
Mixed infection
    S. enterica + STECPosPosPosNeg1
    S. enterica + Shigella spp./EIECPosPosPosNeg1
    C. jejuni + G. lamblia PosPosPosPos1
    C. jejuni + STECPosPosPosPos1
    C. jejuni + Shigella spp./EIECPosPosPosPos1
    STEC + G. lamblia PosPosPosNeg1
Negative resultsNegNeg485
  • a Pos, positive; Neg, negative.

  • b Discrepancy analysis was performed on nine samples, using mPCR guided culture and confirmatory real-time PCR targeting the invA gene. Three samples were positive by guided culture and confirmatory PCR, and six samples were confirmatory PCR positive only.

  • c Discrepancy analysis was performed on 25 samples, using mPCR guided culture and confirmatory real-time PCRs targeting a Campylobacter spp.-specific region of the 16S rRNA gene and the glyA gene specific for C . coli. Of nine mPCR-positive samples the conventional culture had been positive for C. coli (seven times) and C. lari (two times). Reanalysis, using confirmatory PCRs, revealed four samples to contain C. jejuni and five samples to contain both C. jejuni and C. coli (mixed infection). Of 16 samples that were negative by conventional culture, 7 samples were positive by mPCR guided culture and Campylobacter spp. PCR, whereas 9 samples were Campylobacter spp. PCR positive only.