Congruence tests for each gene tree compared to other gene tree topologies and random tree data

Locus−ln L of ML treeΔ −ln L of competing ML treesP valueΔ −ln L of random trees99th percentile Δ −ln L in random treesLoci outside 99th percentile of random trees
atpA769.22826213.8152-248.929<0.003232.16-283.69236.16dnaE, fusA, leuA
dnaE738.1112228.804-329.4<0.002388.24-523.46422.61atpA, dnaK, fusA, leuA, odhA, rpoB
dnaK936.21459530.28-680.820.00627.12-798.26677.52dnaE, fusA, leuA, rpoB
fusA814.1686259.33-382.60.00470.99-582.30473.91atpA, dnaE, dnaK, leuA, odhA, rpoB
leuA840.8003254.82-310.98<0.002352.30-482.90373.51atpA, dnaE, dnaK, fusA, odhA, rpoB
odhA803.9006183.05-226.76<0.003254.17-466.62267.98atpA, dnaE, dnaK, fusA, leuA, rpoB
rpoB656.8732224.42-321.82<0.003340.90-405.42345.88atpA, dnaE, dnaK, fusA, leuA, odhA