Results for HPV16, -18, and -45 E6 oncoprotein detection among specimens positive for HPV16/18/45 DNAa

Histological diagnosis or scorebNo. of specimens with the following test resultc:No. of specimens positive for HPV16/18/45d% HPV E6-positive/DNA-positive specimens (95% CI)e
Negative601020800 (0-37)
CIN1800000800 (0-37)
CIN329155302f342059 (41-75)
CIN3+g24125431251768 (46-85)
≤CIN114010201600 (0-37)
CIN3+684011834755168 (56-78)
Total824012854915156 (45-66)
  • a The results of HPV16, -18, and -45 E6 oncoprotein detection are stratified by the severity of histologic diagnosis.

  • b CIN1, cervical intraepithelial neoplasia grade 1; CIN3, cervical intraepithelial neoplasia grade 3; CIN3+, CIN3 or cancer.

  • c The numbers of specimens with test results (negative test result or various CIN grades or cancer) for HPV16, HPV18, and HPV45 by DNA or E6 oncoprotein detection are shown.

  • d The number of specimens positive for HPV16, -18, or -45 (HPV16/18/45) by DNA or E6 oncoprotein detection are shown.

  • e The percentage of HPV E6-positive specimens among DNA-positive specimens and binomial 95% confidence interval (95% CI) are shown.

  • f HPV16 DNA positive.

  • g Reported as CIN3+ (did not differentiate whether the diagnosis was CIN3 or cervical cancer). Three cases were HPV18 E6 positive but were HPV18 DNA negative and HPV16 DNA positive.