Comparison of R for control versus test ISDT and all ISDT versus test ISDT culture groups

GroupTotal no. of blood culturesM1 (aerobic) cultures M2 (anaerobic) cultures
% (No.) false positiveDifference (%)P value% (No.) false positiveDifference (%)P value
1st 9 mo
    Control1,0612.8 (30)1.40.0051.0 (11)0.20.31
    Test ISDT2,6721.4 (37)0.8 (21)
2nd 9 mo
    All ISDT4,1431.0 (42)0.4a 0.170.9 (39)−0.10.50
  • a Test ISDT rate from first 9 months less all ISDT rate from second 9 months used for comparison.