Results for HPV16, -18, and -45 E6 oncoprotein detection among specimens negative for HPV16/18/45 DNAa

Histological diagnosis or scoreNo. of specimens (%) negative for HPV16/18/45% HPV E6-positive specimens/DNA-positive specimens
Negative160 (0)0
CIN1212b (10)50
CIN3230 (0)0
CIN3+c40 (0)0
Cancer50 (0)0
≤CIN1372 (5)17
CIN3+320 (0)0
  • a The results of HPV16, -18, and -45 E6 oncoprotein detection are stratified by the severity of histological diagnosis.

  • b Two specimens were HPV DNA negative and HPV16 E6 positive.

  • c Reported as CIN3+ (did not differentiate whether the diagnosis was CIN3 or cervical cancer).