Xpert TV results versus PIS initial results based on symptomatic status for malesa

StatusNo. of UR samples testedSensitivity95% CISpecificity95% CI% prevalencePPV (%)NPV (%)
Symp1,08887.5 (28/32)71.9–95.099.8 (1,054/1,056)99.3–99.92.993.399.6
Asymp3,52390.3 (84/93)82.6–94.899.2 (3,401/3,430)98.8–99.42.674.399.7
Total4,61189.6 (112/125)b83.0–93.899.3 (4,455/4,486)c99.0–99.52.778.399.7
P values0.738−15.8, 10.10.0200.25, 1.06
  • a Values in parentheses are the number of true positives over the total of true positives plus false negatives (sensitivity) and the number of true negatives over the total of true negatives plus false positives (specificity). PIS, patient infected status; UR, urine; PPV, positive predictive value; NPV, negative predictive value; Symp, symptomatic; Asymp, asymptomatic.

  • b Results from secondary sequencing: 9 of 13 false negatives were T. vaginalis negative and 4 of 13 were T. vaginalis positive.

  • c Results from secondary sequencing: 27 of 31 false positives were T. vaginalis positive and 4 of 31 were T. vaginalis negative.