Discordance testing and resolution results

TargetTotal no. of samplesNo. of ePlex+/BioFire+ results (TP)No. of ePlex+/BioFire results (FP)No. of ePlex/BioFire+ results (FN)No. of ePlex/BioFire results (TN)No. of samples with discordance resolution resulta
Human metapneumovirus2,908112682,7824217c
Human rhinovirus/enterovirus2,905530101302,2444259c723c
Influenza A virus2,9071814122,7101348c
Influenza A H1 virus2,9080002,9080000
Influenza A 2009 H1N1 virus2,90897652,8004223
Influenza A H3 virus2,90779092,8190027
Influenza B virus2,90860572,8362334
Parainfluenza virus 12,90767262,8320224
Parainfluenza virus 22,90867262,8330206
Parainfluenza virus 32,9081015102,7924137
Parainfluenza virus 42,90826722,8733402
Respiratory syncytial virus subtype A2,90060172,8320107
Respiratory syncytial virus subtype B2,900111272,7801107
Chlamydia pneumoniae2,9083132,9011012
Mycoplasma pneumoniae2,90814212,8911110
  • a ePlex-positive (ePlex+)/BioFire-negative (BioFire) (false-positive [FP]) results are counted as TPd if detected by discordance resolution (true positive [TP] after discordance testing resolution). ePlex/BioFire+ (false-negative [FN]) results are counted as TNd if not detected by discordance resolution (true negative [TN] after discordance testing resolution) or as TPd if detected by repeat ePlex RP testing. Otherwise, discordance resolution results remain as false-positive or false-negative results (i.e., FP is FPd, and FN is FNd).

  • b Twenty samples with FN coronavirus results were repeat tested with ePlex RP as part of the discordance analysis. Eight of 20 samples had coronavirus detected upon repeat testing and were counted as 8 TPd samples, and 3 were confirmed by discordance testing.

  • c One FN coronavirus, 1 FN human metapneumovirus, 18 FP and 4 FN human rhinovirus/enterovirus, and 2 FN influenza A virus samples did not have discordance testing done, so their discordant FP, FN, TN, and TP results are defined in comparison to the comparator method.