Incorrect identifications for clinical isolates included in the v3.0 database

Identification typeReference identificationaVitek MS identificationb (no. of results)
Single identificationRhizopus microsporusRhizopus arrhizus (1)
Trichophyton tonsuransTrichophyton interdigitale (2)
Trichophyton verrucosumTrichophyton interdigitale (3)
Trichophyton verrucosumTrichophyton erinacei (1)
Trichophyton violaceumTrichophyton rubrum (5)
Scedosporium boydiiScedosporium apiospermumc (1)
Multiple generaCladophialophora bantianaCladophialophora bantiana, Candida colliculosa (1)
Trichophyton violaceumTrichophyton violaceum, Candida lambica, Fusarium oxysporum complex (1)
  • a For additional analysis regarding the reference identification, see the supplemental material.

  • b Bold indicates correct species identification.

  • c The anamorph of Scedosporium apiospermum was previously named Pseudallescheria boydii, but it is now considered a separate species.