Clinical and biological data from patients with other IFD, possible IFD, or no IFD and positive BAL fluid MucPCR result

Patient no.Age (yr)SexaUnderlying diseasebEORTC classificationcRadiological sign(s)Histology day, direct exam result, culture result (organism)BAL fluid mycology day, direct exam result, culture (organism)Galactomannan serum/BAL fluid result (D−7 to D+7)BAL fluid MucPCR result, day (Cq)Serum MucPCR result, day (Cq)Liposomal amphotericin B day of initiationdOutcome at D90
1160FNHL, HSCTProbable aspergillosisNodulesNot doneD0, Neg, NegPos (BAL fluid 0.64)Neg, D–5 (>45), Rhizomucor, D0 (34)Neg, D0 (>45)D4 (voriconazole before)Death at D10
1273MAMLProbable aspergillosisCerebral abscessNot doneD0, Neg, NegPos (serum 0.95, BAL fluid 4.95)Rhizomucor, D0 (35)Rhizomucor, D0 (33)D3Death at D26
1343MAplasiaProbable aspergillosisNodules, ground-glass opacityNot doneD−35, Neg, Pos (Aspergillus fumigatus)NegMucor/Rhizopus, D0 (39)Neg, D6 (>45)D0 (voriconazole before/improvement with L-AMB + posaconazole at D16)Alive
1463FAMLProbable aspergillosisCondensationNot doneD0, Pos, Pos (Aspergillus fumigatus)NegMucor/Rhizopus, D0 (28); Rhizomucor, D0 (34)Neg, D–2 (>45), Rhizomucor, D5 (39); Mucor/Rhizopus D10 (37), D12 (38), D16 (37)D5 (voriconazole before/improvement with L-AMB + isavuconazole at D9)Alive
1528MALL, HSCTProven fusariosisHalo sign, condensation, ground-glass opacitySkin D8, Pos, Fusarium spp.D0, Neg, NegNegRhizomucor, D0 (33)Rhizomucor, D0 (39)D8Death at D51
1664MIM, HSCTPossible IFDCondensationNot doneD0, Neg, NegNegRhizomucor, D0 (40)Rhizomucor, D0 (31)D0Death at D12
1758FLiver transplant, diabetesPossible IFDCondensationNot doneD0, Neg, NegNegMucor/Rhizopus, D0 (33)Neg, D5 (>45)D3Alive
1861MAMLPossible IFDNodulesBronchial, D9, Neg, NegD0, Neg, NegNegMucor/Rhizopus, D0 (30)Mucor/Rhizopus, D−6 (38), D−2 (38), D2 (35)D2Alive
1925MMDS, HSCTPossible IFDNodules, halo signNot doneD−15, Neg, NegNegMucor/Rhizopus, D0 (36)Mucor/Rhizopus, D0 (41)D−20Death at D80
2060MAMLPossible IFDNodulesNot doneD0, Neg, Pos (Candida albicans)NegMucor/Rhizopus, D0 (27)Neg, D–5 (>45), Mucor/Rhizopus, D−1 (36), D0 (35), D1 (37), D7 (34)D7 + posaconazoleDeath at D10
2146FCMLPossible IFDPleural effusionNot doneD0, Neg, NegNegRhizomucor, D0 (39)Rhizomucor, D−1 (35), Neg, D6, D13 (>45)D0 + isavuconazole (D8)Death at D15
2280MAMLPossible IFDCondensation, ground-glass opacityNot doneD0, Neg, NegNegMucor/Rhizopus, D0 (29)Mucor/Rhizopus, D−5 (34), D−1 (32)D6Death at D7
2356MAML, HSCTPossible IFDReverse halo signNot doneD0, Neg, NegNegRhizomucor, D0 (32)Rhizomucor D0 (31)D0Death at D2
2466MSarcoidosisNo IFDNot doneNot doneD0, Neg, NegPos (BAL fluid 0.93)Lichtheimia, D0 (41)Neg, D0 (>45)NoneDeath at D10
  • a F, female; M, male.

  • b NHL, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma; HSCT, allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplant; AML, acute myeloblastic leukemia; ALL, acute lymphoblastic leukemia; IM, idiopathic myelofibrosis; MDS, myelodysplastic syndrome; CML, chronic myeloblastic leukemia.

  • c IFD, invasive fungal disease. The “proven fusariosis” case had positive hemoculture with Fusarium spp. at D45.

  • d L-AMB, liposomal amphotericin B.