Table 2.

BHV1 antibody titers detected in serum by the standard VNT, the gE-blocking ELISA, and the gE ELISA in comparison to the titers in milka

Herd and cow no.Titer
VNT with serumgE-blocking ELISAgE ELISA
Herd A
 Cow 125612832NDb 8
 Cow 2192128321288
Herd B
 Cow 12,04825632≥2568
 Cow 2256128161282
 Cow 35126481284
Herd C
 Cow 112828<1
 Cow 29664161282
 Cow 36416816<1
Herd D
 Cow 1128648128<1
 Cow 2≥2,0481281≥2568
Geometric mean269699.8874.9
  • a Serum and milk from 10 animals were tested.

  • b ND, not done (not enough serum).