Table 1.

Strain numbers of the three Candida species analyzed by PyMS together with their corresponding identifiers and source.

SpeciesStrain no.aSourceIdentifierb
C. albicans NCPF 3153Mycology Reference Laboratory antigen strain, serotype A, 1965 A
C. albicans NCPF 3156Serotype B, 1965B
C. albicans NCPF 3157Serotype B, 1965C
C. albicans NCPF 3116Human chronic glossitis, United Kingdom, 1944D
C. albicans NCPF 3119Human systemic candidosis, skin isolate, United Kingdom, 1944E
C. albicans ATCC 18804Type cultureF
C. albicans RldLaboratory strainc G
C. albicans R8a largeLaboratory strainc H
C. albicans R12aLaboratory strainc I
C. albicans R18aLaboratory strainc J
C. albicans 27544A largeLaboratory strainc K
C. stellatoidea ATCC 11006Type I1
C. stellatoidea Y2360Gift from B. B. Magee, University of Minnesota2
C. dubliniensis NCPF 3108Human bronchopneumonia, lung isolate, United Kingdom 1957a
C. dubliniensis NCPF 3949Middorsum of the tongue of an Irish subject with human immunodeficiency virus infection and suffering from oral candidosis, 1988, type cultureb
C. dubliniensis R1a buffLaboratory strainc c
C. dubliniensis R2g creamd Laboratory strainc d
C. dubliniensis R2g whited Laboratory strainc e
C. dubliniensis R3bLaboratory strainc f
C. dubliniensis R3iLaboratory strainc g
C. dubliniensis R9aLaboratory strainc h
C. dubliniensis R9g largeLaboratory strainc i
C. dubliniensis R11b largeLaboratory strainc j
C. dubliniensis R16aLaboratory strainc k
C. dubliniensis R16b whitee Laboratory strainc l
C. dubliniensis R16b buffe Laboratory strainc m
C. dubliniensis 716Laboratory strainc n
C. dubliniensis 43194ALaboratory strainc o
C. dubliniensis 63861Ao Laboratory strainc p
  • a NCPF, National Collection of Pathogenic Fungi; ATCC, American Type Culture Collection.

  • b Identifier used in Fig. 3.

  • c Laboratory strains recovered from oral swabs of patients attending dental clinics.

  • d Strains isolated from the same patient.

  • e Strains isolated from the same patient.