Table 3.

MICs of investigational antimicrobial agents for the staphylococcal isolates studied

Isolate (source)VancomycinMIC (μg/ml)a
S. aureus Mu50 (Japan)8840.520.5
S. aureus Mu3 (Japan)2164120.5
S. aureusMu3-8R (Japan)83220.520.5
S. aureusN20 (Japan)4120.520.25
S. aureus 963sm (Michigan)8168121
S. aureus 966 (Michigan)4164120.5
S. aureus 992 (New Jersey)8840.510.25
S. aureus 803 (Florida)41680.520.25
S. epidermidis5289 (Virginia)8168≤0.2520.25
S. epidermidis 759 (Wisconsin)8164≤0.2521
S. epidermidis 12333 (California)8164≤0.2520.5
S. haemolyticus 142 (New York)83280.520.5
  • a MICs were determined by the NCCLS broth microdilution method.