Summary of resultsa

Method and parameter valuesQuality controlIdentificationMethod performance
Quality (boot-strapping)No. of samples with quality <5 (boot-strapping <65)No. of strains with:No. of strains affected by multiple-reference-strain factor (n = 28)Failure to identify:No. of strains correctly identifiedb% Correctly identified
MaximumMinimumHighest scores <75% nt or <90% aaSecond-highest score >70% nt or >85% aaHighest scores not correspond-ing to its serotypeSecond-highest scores >75%EV13 strainNew sero-type
Pairwise sequence alignment
    DNASTAR, nucleotides (default GOP and GEP values)NANANA24504413YesYes3028.85
            GOP = 50, GEP = 377.974.991546011YesYes5250.00
            GOP = 100, GEP = 1077.242.75170545011YesYes5149.03
            GOP = 200, GEP = 2070.031.09946545011YesYes5149.03
        Proteins (GOP = 8, GEP = 2)14524.670425000NoYes7572.10
Multiple-sequence alignment
    Pileup, nucleotides (GOP = 5, GEP = 1)NANANA6NA020YesYes9692.30
    Clustal W, nucleotides (GOP = 100, GEP = 100)NANANA5NA010YesYes9894.20
Phylogenetic approach (PHYLIP package with nucleotides)100860NANANANA0YesNo10399.04
  • a Abbreviations: NA, not applicable; nt, nucleotides; aa, amino acids.

  • b Number of strains among 104 strains tested that fulfilled all established criteria.