CuZnSOD activity (potassium cyanide or DEDC inhibitable) and hybridization of Haemophilus sodC probes to chromosomal DNA

Strain (no. of isolates)Phylogenetic divisionaHybridization to sodC probebCuZnSOD activityb
Noncapsulate ET (45)NA
Serotype a (2)I
Serotype a (3)II+
Serotype b (5)II+
Serotype e (6)*+
Serotype f (6)II+
Cryptic genospecies (12)NA++
  • a I and II correspond to phylogenetic divisions I and II, respectively, of capsulate H. influenzae (11). NA, not applicable; *, distantly related to division I and II strains.

  • b + and −, positive and negative, respectively, for probe hybridization or CuZnSOD activity.