Genetic variation in four sequenced loci

GeneFragment size (bp)No. of allelesNo. of variable sitesNo. of synonymousa base substitutionsSNVb alleles
ace 959c95434B, C
efaA 693998A, B; B, C, D; C, E; D, F; G, H
pyrC 32058d7A, B, C, D
salA 919, 922e921f14C, D
  • a Synonymous base substitutions are nucleotide changes which did not result in amino acid change.

  • b SNVs are alleles that differ by a single nucleotide.

  • c In strain TX0635, a 69-nt in-frame deletion was observed.

  • d Five of eight variable sites were observed in a single allele.

  • e A 3-bp in-frame deletion is observed in 12 of 22 strains.

  • f Of 21 variable sites, 18 nt are base substitutions and the remaining 3 nt are deletions.