Real-time PCR data for resistant strains from the blind panel and sequencing data for all mutant strains

Isolate no.Gene and codon no. affectedNucleotide substitutionAmino acid substitutionDeviation in Tm (°C) from that for wta
RPO1 probes (65.2°C)RPO2 probes (65.1°C)KATG probes (69.9°C)
C1 rpoB 511CTG→CCG,Leu→Pro,−5.13
rpoB 516GAC→GGCAsp→Gly
katG 315AGC→ACCSer→Thr+2.80
C2 rpoB 513CAA→CGAGln→Arg−3.90
C3 rpoB 515-516Deletion TG-GAsp-Asn→Met−8.08
C4 rpoB 516-517Deletion GAC-CAG−4.72
katG 315AGC→ACCSer→Thr+2.90
C6 rpoB 516GAC→GTCAsp→Val−2.38
katG 315AGC→AACSer→Asn+2.90
C7 rpoB 526CAC→TGCHis→Cys−4.08
katG 315AGC→AACSer→Asn+2.90
C8 rpoB 526CAC→GACHis→Asp−2.88
C9 rpoB 526CAC→TACHis→Tyr−1.15
katG 315AGC→ACCSer→Thr+2.90
C11 rpoB 531TCG→TTGSer→Leu−6.56
C12 rpoB 531TCG→TGGSer→Trp−6.99
C13 rpoB 533CTG→CCGLeu→Pro−0.72
  • a Deviations in the Tms for the probes (RPO1, RPO2, and KATG) compared with the reference value for the wt (given in parentheses).