Conditions for GP5+/6+ PCR with PTC225 and PE9700

ParameterConditions used with:
Start4 min at 94°C4 min at 94°C
Cycles (n = 40)20 s at 94°C (denaturation)20 s at 94°C (denaturation)
In 24 s to 90°CIn 33% of SA to 38°C
In 66 s to 48°C30 s at 38°C (annealing)
In 30 s to 38°CIn 44% of SO to 71°C
30 s at 38°C (annealing)80 s at 71°C (elongation)
In 18 s to 42°CIn 62% of SO to 94°C
In 42 s to 66°C
In 18 s to 71°C
80 s at 71°C (elongation)
In 24 s to 69°C
In 90 s to 94°C
Final step4 min at 71°C4 min at 72°C
HoldForever at 4°CForever at 4°C
  • a SA, standard cool-down temperature (5.39°C/s); SO, standard warm-up temperature (4.43°C/s).