The salmonella isolates: date and place of isolation, β-lactamase profiles, β-lactamases expressed by transconjugants, cefotaxime-hydrolyzing activity assigned by the bioassay, ESBL sequences deduced from gene sequences, and plasmid fingerprints

IsolateDate of isolation (day mo yr)Location of hospitalβ-Lactamases (pI values)aβ-Lactamases in transconjugants (pI values)aESBL(s)PstI plasmid fingerprintb (kb)
Serovar Typhimurium 919704 11 1999Grajewo8.4, 7.6, 5.48.4, 5.4CTX-M-3, SHV-2aE (∼110)
Serovar Enteritidis 33/0114 11 2000Koszalin8.4, 5.48.4, 5.4CTX-M-3A1 (∼90)
  • a pI values in bold indicate β-lactamases which were positive in the bioassay with cefotaxime as a substrate.

  • b Plasmid fingerprint designations were applied according to reference 1.