OPV DNAs used in microchip analysis

OPV speciesStrainReferenceSource of strain or DNA
Vaccinia virusWyeth14J. Esposito (DNA)
LIVP, clone 235V. Petrov (DNA)
LIVP, clone 435V. Petrov (DNA)
EM-6326S. Marennikova
Copenhagen29J. Esposito (DNA)
Patwadangar29S. Marennikova
Elstree20S. Marennikova
CVI-7842S. Marennikova
WR4V. Petrov (DNA)
Rabbitpox Utrechta8H. Meyer (DNA)
BP-1a22H. Meyer (DNA)
Elstree/UtrechtaUnpublishedS. Marennikova
Chambon St-YvesUnpublishedS. Marennikova
Cowpox virusGRI-9024, 47S. Marennikova
Hamburg38S. Marennikova
Turkmenia25S. Marennikova
EP-138S. Marennikova
EP-238S. Marennikova
EP-338S. Marennikova
EP-438S. Marennikova
EP-538S. Marennikova
EP-638S. Marennikova
EP-738S. Marennikova
EP-838S. Marennikova
EP-26738S. Marennikova
RP-138S. Marennikova
RP-938S. Marennikova
Puma M-7327S. Marennikova
Brighton10H. Meyer (DNA)
Monkeypox virusCongo 830J. Esposito (DNA)
Zaire 96-I-1633J. Esposito (DNA)
70-026613J. Esposito (DNA)
77-066613J. Esposito (DNA)
Variola virusGarcia-196648J. Esposito (DNA)
NgamiUnpublishedThis researchc
Congo-2UnpublishedThis researchc
Congo-9UnpublishedThis researchc
Ind-3aUnpublishedThis researchc
Kuw-5UnpublishedThis researchc
12-62UnpublishedThis researchc
6-58UnpublishedThis researchc
ButlerUnpublishedThis researchc
M-Abr-60UnpublishedThis researchc
M-Sok-60UnpublishedThis researchc
M-Sur-60UnpublishedThis researchc
AzizUnpublishedThis researchc
SematUnpublishedThis researchc
AslambUnpublishedThis researchc
India 378bUnpublishedThis researchc
Camelpox virusCP-141H. Meyer (DNA)
CP-536H. Meyer (DNA)
CP-1260/95UnpublishedH. Meyer (DNA)
CP-1231UnpublishedH. Meyer (DNA)
CP SaudiUnpublishedH. Meyer (DNA)
Ectromelia virusMP-1 GE23H. Meyer (DNA)
MP-2 GE34H. Meyer (DNA)
No. 4908 USA9H. Meyer (DNA)
No. 33221 USA9H. Meyer (DNA)
K144V. Petrov (DNA)
  • a Strain produces the rabbitpox virus-like hybridization pattern on the microchip.

  • b Variola virus DNA isolated from human smallpox scabs.

  • c Species identification was performed by conventional methods (host range in animals, morphology of viral pocks produced on CAM, reproductive ceiling temperature in cell culture or on chicken embryo CAM).