Collection data for South African isolates

Health statusaDescriptionCollection locationdNo. of samples% of samples that were yeast positive% of positive samples containing C. albicansNo. of test isolatesNo. of isolates fingerprintedf
HIV+Black urban, semiurbanb and ruralPretoria Academic Hospital (P) (Pretoria, Gauteng)9161814633
Kalafong Hospital (K) (Pretoria, Gauteng)9976378490178
GaRankura Hospital (G) (GaRankura, Gauteng)10865775438
HealthyBlack semiurbanMedunsa Oral and Dental Hospital (GC) (GaRunkuwa, Gauteng)8360582921
Black ruralKruger Park (OKP, KP), Mahonisi (MAH) (Northern Province)NAeNANA4545
White urbancUniversity of Pretoria Oral and Dental Hospital (UP) (Pretoria, Gauteng)7954672929
White urbanUniversity of Pretoria Oral and Dental Hospital (PC) (Pretoria, Gauteng)NANANA1717
  • a HIV+ patients had tested positive for the virus; healthy patients were included based on the criteria set forth in Materials and Methods.

  • b Semiurban describes settlements 30 miles outside Pretoria.

  • c UP, University of Pretoria patients attending clinic for biannual oral hygiene treatment; PC, clinic staff.

  • d Abbreviations in parentheses refer to collection groups and are used in dendrograms.

  • e NA, samples obtained from other studies in which the number, percent yeast positive, and proportion of C. albicans were unavailable.

  • f Isolates were randomly selected.