Cluster analysis of the different groups of isolates fingerprinted with the Ca3 probe

Health statusaDescriptionHospitalTotal no. finger- printed% of isolates in:
Group IGroup IIGroup IIIGroup SANo group
HIV+Black, urban, semi- urban,b ruralPretoria (P)3315189553
Kalafong (K)17820192527
GaRankuwa (G)38131155813
HealthyBlack semiurbanMedunsa (GC)21241454810
Black ruralKruger Park (OKP, KP), Mahonisi (MAH)452099567
White urbancUniversity of Pretoria (PC, UP)461322203313
MixedU.S. individuals (Pujol collection, FC)d22372718018
  • a See Table 1, footnote a.

  • b See Table 1, footnote b.

  • c See Table 1, footnote c.

  • d The Pujol et al. (20) collection was from the United States and included isolates from healthy individuals, HIV+ individuals, and vaginitis patients. The proportions in this case correspond to the 22 isolates obtained from unrelated hosts.