Selected food-related recalls by contaminant and case counta

Recalled productContaminantCase count (reference)
Alfalfa and onion sproutsO157 STEC7 cases in Minnesota and 2 cases in Wisconsin (4)
1.8 million lbs of ground beefO157 STEC1 case in Massachusetts, 5 cases in Michigan, 1 case in Missouri, and 5 cases in Ohio (5)
Several sizes and varieties of flourO121 STEC42 cases in 21 states, with most states having 1 or 2 cases (6)
Pistachios sold across the U.S. and in Canada, Mexico, and PeruSalmonella enterica serovars Montevideo and Senftenberg11 cases from 9 states (1 or 2 cases per state) (7)
358 frozen vegetable and fruit products sold under 42 separate brandsListeria monocytogenes1 case in Maryland, 1 case in Washington, and 6 cases in California (8)
  • a Selected list of recent food-borne investigations that traced ill patients to a contaminated source more quickly because of available data from 1 or 2 cases in a given state.