Clinical characteristics of seven M. intracellulare patients who responded to BDQ and then relapsed

PatientAge (yr)Disease typeaDuration of prior treatment (mo)Companion drugs while on BDQbResistanceAFB smear status7H11 agar culture status
MacrolideAmikacinPretreatmentLowest on BDQRelapsePretreatmentLowest on BDQRelapse
1c54FN + C96EMB, RFB, STRYesNo4+Negative3+4+Negative4+
2c60NB25AZM, EMB, RFB, STRNoNo4+Negative3+4+Negative4+
368FN + C48AMK, EMB, RFBYesNo3+Negative2+4+Negative2+
471NB + CAMK, AZM, EMB, STRNoNo3+Negative2+4+Negative3+
5c58NB78EMB, RFB, STRYesYes4+2+4+4+3+4+
666NB + C44AMK, EMB, RFBYesYes3+Negative2+3++d3+
764FN + C20CLR, EMB, RFB, STRNoNo3+Negative3+4+Negative3+
  • a FN, fibronodular; NB, nodular bronchiectasis; C, cavitary.

  • b AMK, amikacin; AZM, azithromycin; CLR, clarithromycin; EMB, ethambutol; RFB, rifabutin; STR, streptomycin.

  • c Previously described by Philley et al. (15).

  • d Only 8 CFU were observed.