Comparison of antibody detection using different antibody assaysa

TestSensitivity (%) using casesSpecificity (%) using controlsb
MVista IgG87.490.0
MVista IgM61.295.3
MVista IgG or IgM88.390.0
IDCF or IDTP60.2c98.8c
  • a The numbers of cases and controls were as follows: MVista EIA, 103 and 170; ID, 103 and 164; CF, 62 and 0. IDCF, immunodiffusion with the CF antigen; IDTP, immunodiffusion with the TP antigen; CF, complement fixation; NA, not available.

  • b Controls from areas in which the disease is endemic included controls from Bakersfield, California, and Tucson, Arizona, and clinical controls from Tucson, Arizona.

  • c P < 0.001, in comparison with the MVista assay.