Summary of sensitivity and specificity of MeVA RT-qPCR for the detection of MeV genotype A

CenterNo. of samples% sensitivity (95% CI)% specificity (95% CI)Genotypes tested
NML18497 (90–99)100 (95–100)B3, B2, C1, D2, C2, D3, D4, D5 D6, D7, D8, D9, D10, G1, G2, E, H1, H2
RKI15889 (0.76–0.96)99 (94–100)B3, D4, D5, D6, D8, D9, D10, G2, H1
CDC2892 (66–100)100 (70–100)B3, D4, D8, D9, G3, H1, AIK, CAM-70, Edmonston-Zagreb, Moraten, Shanghai-191a
Overall37094 (88–97)99 (97–100)
  • a Genotypes D4 and G3 and the non-Edmonston vaccine strains, tested using synthetic RNAs and culture lysate, respectively, were not included in the sensitivity and specificity calculations.