Primers used in the Escherichia coli sequence type 648 complex (STc648) multiplex PCR assay

PrimeraPrimer sequenceLength (nt)Tm (°C)c% GCAmplicon size (bp)ST648 SNP (nucleotide position in gene)
icd96_F18ACCACTCCGGTTGGTGGtb186161297T (181)
icd96_R22AGAACACGGCTTAATACCGATgb226045.5C (439)
gyrB87_F18ATGGTGCGTTTCTGGCCcb186461143C (174)
gyrB87_R18TCTTTGCCGTCGCGCTTab186456T (282)
*uidA_ForGCGTCTGTTGACTGGCAGGTGGTGG257064510Not applicable
  • a Primers for icd and gyrB are novel to this study. Primers for uidA are from Walk et al. (47).

  • b Nucleotides specific for the targeted SNP are lowercase.

  • c Based on Primer3 web-based software (