Table 2.

Results for sera retested after IgG removal

Patient no.SpecimenaTime after admission to hospital (time [days] since onset of symptoms)IHA resultIHA result after IgG removalELISA titerMAT titer (serogroup)
23A11 day (5)1,280320Negative
24A11 day (10)++++20,4805,12025,600 (Icterohaemorrhagiae)
27A11 day (3)16040400 (Icterohaemorrhagiae)
46A24 days (14)+++++64020,4806,400 (Autumnalis/Icterohaemorrhagiae/Australisb)
48A11 day (6)2,560640400 (Autumnalis)
50A11 day (4)++++++10,24020,4803,200 (Autumnalis)
50A24 days (7)+++++10,24020,48012,800 (Autumnalis)
31C25 mo++++16080200 (Ballum)
33C27 days (32)++++20,48040,96025,600 (Autumnalis)
33C211 wk++++32010,2403,200 (Autumnalis)
  • a C2, follow-up serum; C, convalescent-phase serum; A1 and A2 are defined in the text.

  • b Autumnalis, Icterohaemorrhagiae, and Australis serogroups reacted at the same titer.