Table 2.

Results of PCR assay of spirochetal isolates from Missouri and Georgia with six B. burgdorferi-specific primer pairs

Strain, date of isolationTickReactivities of the indicated primer pairs with the following gene sequences:
ospAfla (245-855)Chromosomal (147-520)
MOD-1, September 1993 I. dentatus, two nymphs+++++
MOD-2, September 1993 I. dentatus, two nymphs++++
MOD-3, September 1993 I. dentatus, four larvae++++
MOD-5, November 1994 I. dentatus, one nymph++++++
MOD-6, October 1995 A. americanum, one larva++++
BC-1, February 1993 I. dentatus, one nymph++++
B-31, reference strain I. scapularis ++++++