Table 1.

Streptococcal type strains used in this study

StrainaOther designationbRelevant characteristicssodAint accession no.
S. acidominimus CIP 82.4T NCDO 2025Type strain Z95892
S. agalactiae CIP 103227T ATCC 13813Type strain Z95893
S. alactolyticus CIP 103244T ATCC 43077Type strain Z95894
S. anginosus CIP 102921T ATCC 33397Type strain Z95895
S. bovis CIP 102302T ATCC 33317Type strain Z95896
S. canis CIP 103223T ATCC43496Type strain Z99175
S. constellatus CIP 103247T ATCC 27823Type strain Z95897
S. cricetus CIP 102510T ATCC 19642Type strain Z95898
S. downei CIP 103222T ATCC 33748Type strain Z95899
S. dysgalactiae CIP 102914T ATCC 43078Type strain Z95900
S. equinus CIP 102504T ATCC 9812Type strain Z95903
S. equi subsp. equi CIP 102910T ATCC 33398Type strain Z95901
S. equi subsp. zooepidemicus CIP 103228T ATCC 43079Type strain Z95902
S. gordonii CIP 105258T ATCC 10558Type strain Z95905
S. iniae CIP 102508T ATCC 29178Type strain Z99176
S. intermedius CIP 103248T ATCC 27335Type strain Z95908
S. mitis CIP 103335T NCTC 12261Type strain Z95909
S. mutans CIP 103694ATCC 35668Quality control strain for API product Z95910
S. oralis CIP 10922T ATCC 35037Type strain Z95911
S. parasanguis CIP 104372T ATCC 15910Type strain Z95913
S. pneumoniae CIP 102911T ATCC 33400Type strain Z95914
S. porcinus CIP 103218T ATCC 43138Type strain Z99177
S. pyogenes CIP 56.41T ATCC 12344Type strain Z95915
S. salivarius CIP 102509T ATCC 19645Type strain Z95916
S. sanguis CIP 55.1328T ATCC 10556Type strain Z95918
S. sobrinus CIP 103230T ATCC 33478Type strain Z95919
S. suis CIP 103217T ATCC 43765Type strain Z95920
S. thermophilus CIP 102303T ATCC 19258Type strain Z95921
S. vestibularis CIP 103363T ATCC 49124Type strain Z95922
  • a CIP, Collection de l’Institut Pasteur.

  • b NCDO, National Collection of Dairy Organisms; ATCC, American Type Culture Collection; NCTC, National Collection of Type Cultures.