Table 1.

Optical densities and stock inoculum sizes of the filamentous and dimorphic fungia

Fungus (no. tested)Optical density at 530 nm (range)Inoculum size (106)a
A. flavus(11)0.09–0.110.8–1.6
A. fumigatus (12)0.09–0.111.3–1.8
F. oxysporum(6)0.15–0.171.0–2.7
F. solani(6)0.15–0.170.5–1.2
P. boydii(6)0.15–0.170.3–0.8
R. arrhizus(5)0.15–0.170.4–1.6
S. schenckii(5)0.09–0.113–4.5
B. dermatitidis(5)0.20.3–0.5
H. capsulatum(5)0.20.3–0.5
  • a Stock inoculum sizes are given in ranges of CFU per milliliter.

  • b Species tested included Bipolaris hawaiiensis and Bipolaris spicifera.