Table 2.

Comparative identification of various streptococcal strains

StrainaRelevant characteristicsbSpecies identificationsodAint accession no.
ID 32 StrepcsodAint d
S. agalactiae
 CIP 82.45Lancefield group B (ATCC 12403)ND S. agalactiae (98.6) Z99178
 NEM318Lancefield group BND S. agalactiae (97.9) Z99179
 NEM1317Lancefield group BND S. agalactiae (98.4) Z99180
Milleri group
 NEM1164Nontypeable, β-hemolytic S. constellatus (99.6) S. anginosus (97) Z99181
 NEM1166Nontypeable, β-hemolytic S. anginosus (99.8) S. anginosus (97.4) Z99182
 NEM1124Lancefield group F, β-hemolytic S. constellatus (99.9) S. constellatus (98.1) Z99183
 NEM1162Lancefield group F, β-hemolytic S. constellatus (99.6) S. constellatus (99.1) Z99184
 NEM1165Nontypeable S. constellatus (93.1) S. constellatus (98.9) Z99185
 NEM1275Nontypeable S. constellatus (63.9) S. constellatus (99.1) Z99186
 MG19NontypeableMilleri group S. constellatus (99.1) Z99187
Mitis group
 CIP 103221ATCC 33399 S. gordonii (?) S. gordonii (95.9) Z99189
 BM120Strain Challis S. gordonii (99.9) S. gordonii (98.2) Z99188
 NEM666Nontypeable? S. gordonii (95.9) Z99190
 NEM1222Nontypeable S. mitis (95.6) S. mitis (97.8) Z99192
 NEM1126Lancefield group C S. mitis (59.5) S. mitis (97.8) Z99191
S. mutans
 GS-5ND S. mutans (99.8) D01037
 NEM1163Nontypeable S. mutans (99.9) S. mutans (99.5) Z99193
S. oralis
 CIP 103216ATCC 10557 S. oralis (93.7) Z99194
 NEM1121Lancefield group C S. salivarius (99.8) S. oralis (96.1) Z99195
 NEM895Nontypeable? S. parasanguis (97.8) Z99196
S. pneumoniae
 NEM667Serotype 11ND S. pneumoniae (100) Z99246
 NEM1278Serotype 23FND S. pneumoniae (99.8) Z99204
 NEM1279Serotype 23F, Penr ND S. pneumoniae (100) Z99205
 NEM1280Serotype 23F, Penr ND S. pneumoniae (100) Z99206
 NEM1251Serotype 16ND S. pneumoniae (100) Z99201
 NEM1252Serotype 18ND S. pneumoniae (100) Z99202
 NEM1253Serotype 6ND S. pneumoniae (100) Z99203
 NEM1122Serotype 23F, Optr ? S. pneumoniae (99.8) Z99200
S. pyogenes
 BM105Lancefield group AND S. pyogenes (100) Z49247
 HSC5Lancefield group AND S. pyogenes (100) U43776
S. salivarius
 CIP 102505ATCC 13419 S. salivarius (?) S. salivarius (96.3) Z99197
 NEM1250Lancefield group D S. salivarius (99.9) S. salivarius (98.6) Z99198
 NEM1257Nontypeable S. salivarius (99.5) S. salivarius (96.3) Z99199
  • a Data for all strains except S. agalactiae CIP 82.45 (24), S. agalactiaeNEM318 (11), MG19 (5), S. gordoniiBM120 (20), S. mutans GS-5 (21),S. pneumoniae NEM667 (24), S. pyogenesBM105 (24), and S. pyogenes HSC5 (13) are from this work.

  • b Optor and Penr, resistance to optochin and penicillin, respectively.

  • c The rapid ID 32 Strep system (API-bio-Mérieux) was used according to the manufacturer’s instructions to identify isolates to the species level. The API profiles were interpreted from the computer database for identification. The numbers in parentheses indicate the API identification percentage. ND, not determined; ?, undetermined.

  • d The species identification was based on the phylogenic position of the sodAint fragment of the strain studied relative to those of the type strains, as indicated in Fig. 1. The numbers in parentheses indicate the percent identity of the sodAint fragment with that of the corresponding type strain.