Table 1.

Clinical and microbiological detailsa

CharacteristicPatient 1Patient 2Patient 3Patient 4
Clinical details
 Age (yr)/sex89/F50/M24/M70/M
 Diabetes mellitusNYNY
 Recent travel abroadNNYY
 Date of admission (day/mo/yr)11/7/19955/6/199522/6/199616/8/1996
 OperationECCE + IOLVitrectomyTrauma + surgical repairECCE + IOL + trabeculectomy + MMC
 Uncomplicated surgeryYYNAY
 Eye operation performed at Moorfields Eye HospitalNYNY
 Initial symptoms reportedOcular pain and reduced visionRigors and ocular painOcular pain, discharge, headacheReduced visual acuity, headache, and photophobia
 Time of onset of symptoms postsurgery or posttrauma2 days1 day2 mo35 mo
 Time from onset of symptoms to presentation5 days7 days2 mo and 17 days35 mo and 10 days
 Time from presentation to treatmentSame daySame daySame daySame day
 Antibiotic treatment (systemic and intraocular)A, V, Cl, C,A, V, Cl, C,A, V, Cl, C,A, V, Cl, C,
 Duration of oral prednisolone treatment1 wk24 days4 wk3 wk
 Final visual outcomeNPL, phthisicalNPLNPL, phthisicalHM
 Growthaq, 1/3 broths; vit, no growthaq, 2/3 broths; vit, 1/3 brothsaq, 1/3 broths; vit, 1/3 brothsaq, 2/3 broths; vit, 2/3 broths
 AqueousCMB onlyBHI and CMBBHI onlyBHI and CMB
 VitreousNACMB onlyBHI onlyBHI and CMB
 Time (days) from sampling to API identification of E. cloacae 2225
  • a Explanation of terminology: aqueous fluid, ocular fluid from the anterior chamber of the eye; vitreous fluid, intraocular fluid from the vitreous cavity; phthisical, shrinkage of the eyeball associated with disorganized intraocular contents and very low intraocular pressure and usually accompanied by extensive calcification of the cornea (Bowman’s membrane), lens, and retina; mitomycin C, used in glaucoma surgery for its antiscarring properties. Abbreviations: Y, yes; N, no; F, female; M, male; ECCE, extracapsular cataract extraction; IOL, intraocular lens implantation; MMC, mitomycin C; NPL, no perception of light vision; HM, hand movements vision; aq, aqueous fluid culture; vit, vitreous fluid culture; NA, not applicable; A, intraocular injection of amikacin (0.4 mg in 0.1 ml); V, intraocular injection of vancomycin (2.0 mg in 0.1 ml); C, oral ciprofloxacin (750 mg twice daily for 10 days); Cl, oral clarithromycin (500 mg once daily for 14 days).