Table 1.

Results of rep-PCR and PFGE of E. faecalis

Isolate no.aLab name (designation in previous study or original name)Reference(s)Origin, yr of collectionrep-PCR patternbPFGE patternb,d
REP1R-Dt and REP2-Dt primersBOXA2R primer
1TX0614 (E228) 14, 20 Richmond, Va., 1990BR-115
2TX0640 (Fla1) 14, 20 Florida, 1990BR-1a15
3TX0637 (CH570) 14, 20 Pittsburgh, Pa., 1988BR-1a1a5
4TX0638 (DEL) 14, 20 Delaware, 1990BR-1a1a5
5TX0608 (E47) 14, 20 Richmond, Va., 1988BR-11b5
6TX0921 (HH22) 14, 20 Houston, Tex., 1981BR-1b1c5
7TX0630 (HG6280) 14, 20 Argentina, 1990BR-2219
8TX2528 2, 3 Houston, Tex., 1995VR-13V-1
9TX2512 3 Houston, Tex., 19943V-1
10TX2527 2, 3 Houston, Tex., 1995VR-13V-1a
11TX2537This studyHouston, Tex., 1995VR-23aV-1a
12TX2486 3 Houston, Tex., 1994VR-2a4V-1b
13TX2403 (A256)3Cleveland, Ohio, 1991VR-35V-2
14TX2505 22 Belgium, 1992VR-46B-8
15TX2533This studyLubbock, Tex., 19957A
16TX0046 (END11) 20 Boston, Mass., <1982c 8E-1
17TX0045 (END6) 20 Boston, Mass., <1980c 8E-1
18TX0048 (END27) 20 Boston, Mass., <1980c 9E-3
19TX0014This studyHouston, Tex., 199210K-1
20TX0017This studyHouston, Tex., 199310K-1
21TX0024 (MC02152) 20 Illinois, 1977R-511MC-1
22TX0052 (Linebarger)This studySpringfield, Mass., 199312K-2
23TX0913 (HH181) 13 Houston, Tex., 1980R-613H-1
24TX0910 (HH54) 13 Houston, Tex., 198013H-1
25TX0919 (HH31) 13 Houston, Tex., 198014H-3
26TX0854 (BE82) 13 Bangkok, Thailand, 198015B-1
27TX0858 (BE86) 13 Bangkok, Thailand, 198015B-1
28TH2450aThis studyBelgium, 199216F-1
29TX2451aThis studyBelgium, 199216aF-1a
30TX2449aThis studyBelgium, 1992R-717F-2
31TX2453hThis studyBelgium, 199218F-3
32TX0224 (HG1081) 20 Argentina, 19911917
33TX0220 (HG1113) 20 Argentina, 19912016
34TX0226 (HG1090) 20 Argentina, 19912112
35TX0768 (CE13) 13 Chile, 198022C-1
36TX0770 (CE30) 13 Chile, 198022C-1
37TX0785 (CE K4) 13 Chile, 198022aC-1b
38TX0784 (CE K1) 13 Chile, 198023C-3
39ATCC 29212 4 American Type Culture Collection, Rockville, Md.24VI
40OG1RF 4 <1978c R-825VIII
41JH2-2 4 <1974c R-926VII
  • a Isolates 1 to 7 are β-lactamase producing, and 8 to 15 are vancomycin resistant.

  • b Related patterns are denoted by lowercase letters.

  • c The organism was isolated at an unknown time prior to the year shown.

  • d For isolates which were previously studied, the original designation of PFGE pattern names in the previous publication was used.