Table 1.

Immunofluorescent reactivities of spirochetal isolates to monoclonal antibodies

State, isolateTick speciesaImmunofluorescent reactivity
OspAOspB (H6831)Borrelia genus (H9724)B. hermsii (H9826)
 MOD-1 I. dentatus (2 N)+
 MOD-2 I. dentatus (2 N)+
 MOD-3b I. dentatus (4 L)+
 MOD-5 I. dentatus(N)+++
 MOD-6 A. americanum(L)+
Georgia, BC-1 I. dentatus(N)+
  • a N and L, nymphs and larvae, respectively.

  • b In one of three replicates, approximately 15% of spirochetes reacted strongly to monoclonal antibodies H5332, H3TS, and H6831.