Table 1.

Summary of genotypic characterization results obtained in this study for cpe-positive C. perfringens isolates

Isolate group and sourceStrain (reference)cpe RFLP pattern (kb) obtained with the follow- ing endonuclease:PFGE-determinedcpelocationa
cpe-negative strainATCC 3624 (19)NegativeNegativeNegative
Food-borne disease isolatesb
 1950s European food-poisoning isolatesNCTC 8235 (19)105ND
NCTC 8238 (19)105ND
NCTC 8239 (19)105S
NCTC 8359 (19)105ND
NCTC 8798 (19)105ND
NCTC 8799 (19)105ND
NCTC 10239 (19)105Chromosomal
1980s North American food-poisoning isolatesC-1841 (3)105Chromosomal
C-1849 (3)105ND
C-1851 (3)105ND
C-1869 (3)105ND
C-1881 (3)105ND
C-1887 (3)105ND
FD 1041 (R. Labbe)105Chromosomal
1990s North American food-poisoning isolate5 (19)105ND
Non-food-borne disease isolates
 Stool isolates from 1980s European antibioticassociated diarrhea studyc B2 (22)>20>20Episomal
B11 (22)>20>20Episomal
B38 (22)>20>20Episomal
B41 (22)>20>20ND
B45 (22)>20>20ND
Newbury 16 (P. Borriello)>20>20Episomal
 Stool isolates from 1990s European SPOR studyd F4013 (M. Brett)>20>20ND
F4129 (M. Brett)>20>20Episomal
F4393 (M. Brett)>20>20ND
F4396 (M. Brett)>20>20ND
F4406 (M. Brett)>20>20ND
F4591 (M. Brett)>20>20Episomal
F4859 (M. Brett)>20>20ND
F4969 (M. Brett)>20>20Episomal
F5537 (M. Brett)>20>20ND
F5599 (M. Brett)>20>20ND
F5603 (M. Brett)>20>20Episomal
Veterinary isolates
 1990s European veterinary isolate from pig with enteritis29e (D. J. Taylor)105S
1990s North American veterinary isolates153e (19)>20>20ND
157 (19)>20>20ND
222e (19)>20>20Episomal
382 (19)>20>20ND
452e (19)>20>20Episomal
455e (19)>20>20ND
456e (19)>20>20ND
457e (19)>20>20ND
458e (19)>20>20Episomal
  • a ND, not determined; S, smearing of DNA bands observed (see Results).

  • b Note that in reference 19, NCTC 8235 is called 182, NCTC 8238 is called 176, NCTC 8359 is called 175, and NCTC 8799 is called 183.

  • c Note that these isolates, belonging to several different capsular serotypes, were all obtained from CPE-positive feces of diarrheic humans.

  • d Note that these isolates were all obtained form CPE-positive feces of humans suffering from isolated cases of sporadic diarrhea.

  • e Note that these isolates were obtained form diarrheic domestic animals.