Table 3.

Relationship between the patterns of reactivity with VP4 NtMAbs and the genomic P types of HRV-positive specimens

VP4 geno- mic typeaNo. of specimens that reacted with the indicated MAbsb
F45, 1A10 (Ac)F45 (B)1A10 (C)F45, 1A10, RV5 (D)F45, RV5 (E)1A10, RV5 (F)RV5 (G)HS6 (H)Total
P[8]277272d 45
  • a All genotype P[8] strains had a G1 or G3 VP7 serotype specificity; all P[4] viruses were serotype G2; the single P[6] strain belonged to serotype G3. These findings are in agreement with the known association between G serotypes and genomic P types.

  • b The P serotypes of the viruses used to generate the VP4 NtMAbs are P1A for MAbs 1A10 and F45, P1B for MAb RV5, and P2A for MAb HS6.

  • c For simplicity during their reference in the text, the VP4 MAb patterns found were designated A to H.

  • d —, no specimen having the indicated pattern of reactivity with the VP4 MAbs and genomic P type was identified.