Table 1.

Origin and number of isolates typed

LocationNo. of sampling sitesEnvironmentPatientPeriod surveyed (
No. of samplesNo. of isolatesNo. of patientsNo. of isolates
Hospital I155718203136316305.19.1994 to 5.30.1996
  Building A, sector A114646587816
  Building A, sector M114626327524
  Building A, sector G9356308197
  Building B724022280168.26.1994 to 5.30.1996
 Outsideb 1035NDh 61ND5.7.1996 to 5.30.1996
Hospital II47578116785481.16.1996 to 10.3.1996
  Sector 1112113817651
  Sector 281603602927
 Outsided 2020ND46ND9.25.1996
Hospital III, inside, sector He 20 NRi NR31222311.10.1993 to 4.20.1995
Hospital IV, insidef NAg NANANANA31461.15.1994 to 12.7.1994
  • a Buildings A and B of hospital I are two separate buildings of the hospital; sectors A, M, and G are three sectors of the Hematology Unit in building A. In building B, situated 200 m from building A, the outpatient clinic situated at the basement was mainly sampled.

  • b Isolates from air samples taken twice in the garden situated between the two buildings.

  • c Sectors 1 and 2 are the second and fourth floors, respectively, of the building with the Hematology Unit of hospital II. Others refers to samples taken on floors 1 and 3 (where extensive building activity was occurring) of the same building.

  • d Isolates from air samples taken once outside on both sides of the building.

  • e All samples were taken from the Hematology Unit of hospital III, mainly from IA patients.

  • f Only clinical isolates from patients originating from four buildings of hospital IV.

  • g NA, not appropriate; only patient isolates.

  • h ND, not done.

  • i NR, not recorded.