Table 2.

Analysis of genotypes of A. fumigatusiolated from the environments of hospitals I and II

LocationNo. of isolatesNo. (%) of genotypesNo. (%) of common genotypesa
Hospital I37627647 (17)
 Inside31522034 (15.4)
  Building A21216315 (9.2)
   Sector A94797 (8.9)
   Sector M89789 (11.5)
  Building B967913 (16.4)
 Outside61565 (8.9)
Hospital II25215719 (12.1)
 Sector A and sector M (hospital I)1579 (5.7)
 Building A and building B (hospital I)24222 (9.1)
 Inside and outside (hospital I)2768 (2.9)
 Hospital I and hospital II43321 (4.8)
 Hospital I + hospital II and non-Parisian environment5895 (0.8)*
  • a Genotypes common to the two populations identified in the two locations compared. The proportion that was significantly different by the chi-square test is indicated by an asterisk.

  • b Repeated genotypes are genotypes found more than once in the location surveyed.