Table 3.

TD-PCR-positive specimens without microscopically verified P. carinii in BAL

Patient no.PCR result (BAL/oral wash)CD4 cell count/μlLung diagnosisProphylaxis against PCPDevelopment of PCP (time of follow-up)
Prior to BALAfter BAL
1+/−5PCPaYesNoDead (day 10 after BAL)
2+/+39TuberculosisNoYesDead (day 40 after BAL, no PCP)
3+/+182?bYes (4 days)YesNo PCP (after 6 mo)
  • a Received pentamidine intravenously because of suspicion of PCP; no P. carinii organisms detected in BAL specimens.

  • b ?, no specific pathogen was identified.