Table 1.

Nucleotide differences in a 925-bp fragment of the 16S rRNA gene of three equine Ehrlichia strains in comparison with other ehrlichiaea

DNA source (reference)Nucleotide at the position following positionsb:
E. equic AAAGd
E. phagocytophilae AAAGd
E. equi MRK (6)AAAGG
HGE agentAA G GG
Llama ehrlichia (4)AAAGG
E. equi(Atempo)A G A C G
E. equi (Alice)AAAGG
E. equi(Meretricious) G AAGG
  • a Strains were obtained from three horses (Atempo, Alice, and Meretricious) following experimental transmission from naturally infected I. pacificus ticks collected in northern California.

  • b Numbers refer to positions in the 16S rRNA gene of the HGE agent (GenBank accession no. UO2521); the amplified 16S rRNA fragment corresponds to positions 45 through 970 of the HGE agent. Nucleotide differences are underlined.

  • c California strain of E. equi(GenBank accession no. M73223).

  • d —, deletion at this position.

  • e GenBank accession no. M73220.