Table 1.

Ability of treatment methods in eliminating PCR inhibition

Treatment procedureNo. of IC-positive specimens after treatment/no. treated (%)
Urethral swabsCervical swabsBoth types of swabs
Phenol-chloroform extraction20/20 (100)b57/58 (98.3)a77/78 (98.7)a
Storage at −70°C9/20 (45.0)a48/60 (80.0)b57/80 (71.2)a
Storage at 4°C19/23 (82.6)56/65 (86.2)75/88 (85.2)
Storage at 4°C
 1:10 dilution15/18 (83.3)b27/29 (93.1)b42/47 (89.4)b
 1:100 dilution4/5 (80.0)b32/36 (88.9)b36/41 (87.3)b
  • a P < 0.05, compared to storage at 4°C.

  • b P > 0.05, compared to storage at 4°C.