Table 1.

Coryneforms isolated from 113 throat cultures

SpeciesNo. of strainsMedium or mediab (no. of strains)
TotalFound with other coryneformsa
C. durum5817FoBAd
R. dentocariosa
 Catalase positive2611BAe
 Catalase negative106BAf
Corynebacteriumgroup G75FoTwBA
C. jeikeium43FoTwBA
Aureobacterium sp.41BA
Corynebacteriumspp.c41BA (1), FoBA (2), TwBA (1)
C. pseudodiphtheriticum20FoBA
Brevibacterium sp.11BA
Arthrobacter sp.10BA
C. argentoratense10FoBA
C. minutissimum11FoBA
Corynebacterium group F-111TwBA
Actinomyces sp.11FoBA
  • a See text.

  • b BA, blood agar; FoBA, fosfomycin-blood agar; FoTwBA, fosfomycin–Tween 80–blood agar; TwBA, Tween 80–blood agar.

  • c Unidentified.

  • d Three on blood agar only.

  • e Two on fosfomycin-blood agar also.

  • f Three on fosfomycin-blood agar also.