Table 2.

PCR amplification products and CagA proteins from Japanese patients with gastric carcinoma

PatientaAge (yr)SexbCancer stageAtrophy score (median)PG I/II ratioAntiCagA scorecStrain typePCR product (bp)CagA protein (K)d
JK 1946MEarly2.51.452.5C810141
JK 6876FEarly31.023.9C810141
JK 7473FAdvanced32.3100C810141
JK 21562MEarly31.846.5C810141
JK 26960MEarly31.023.1C810142
JK 27555FAdvanced31.8100C810142
JK 26075MEarly13.015.5A648129
JK 27359MEarly0.55.97.2A648129
JK 25668FEarly12.77.4A648135
JK 6976FEarly31.319.7A648135
JK 8371MEarly21.68.1A651135
JK 3428MEarly14.122.6A648135
JK 4276MEarly21.536.7A642135
JK 21764FEarly22.19.5A642137
JK 9659MEarly15.98.2A648136
JK 5568MEarly12.796.1A651129
  • a Data for strains from the remaining patients is not shown because sequence analysis or Western blotting was not performed; however, atrophy scores, PG I/II ratios, anti-CagA scores, and PCR product sizes were available for analysis (see Results).

  • b M, male; F, female.

  • c Cutoff, 5.0.

  • d Determined by immunoblotting.