Table 1.

Results of toxin production assays and PCR for the repeating and nonrepeating regions of toxin A and B genes for six strains

Strain no.Cell culture assay result for toxin BResult of the following ELISA for toxin A:PCR result for the following:Product size (bp) from PCR for toxin A genec(NK11-NK9)bRabbit ileal loop test result
Tox-A TESTVIDAS CDA assayToxin B genea(NK104-NK105)bToxin A genea (NK3-NK2)b
2+++ca. 700
3+++ca. 700
4+++ca. 700
5+++++ca. 1,200+
6+++++ca. 1,200+
  • a Nonrepeating region.

  • b Primer set.

  • c Repeating region.