Table 4.

Search results for strain C6966 (1,527 bp) from commercial MicroSeq databasea

NameSequence length (bp)% Differenceb
Ralstonia eutropha1,5271.64
Ralstonia solanacearum1,5313.89
Ralstonia pickettii1,5334.19
Burkholderia gladiolisubsp. allicola1,5287.59
Aquaspirillum autotrophicum1,5287.65
Pseudomonas antimicrobica1,5287.65
Burkholderia gladioli subsp.gladioli1,5287.72
Pseudomonas lemoignei1,5287.72
Burkholderia cocovenans1,5287.75
Pseudomonas glathei1,5267.79
  • a Only the top 10 choices are listed.

  • b Percent sequence difference of the unknown strain versus the type strains in the database.